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Friday, October 17, 2014

Best. Friday. Ever.

Today was one of my favorite days of the year... state conference day!!! Lots of free swag (spoiler alert: textbook publishers give away the best stuff), great resources and takeaways, and best of all, a chance to catch up with some of my favorite music educator colleagues from around the state!

Some of the highlights from the sessions that I attended:

  • A session puppetry! I use a few puppets in my classroom already but this clinician had SO MANY ideas for additional ways to use them. I would have never thought to use a puppet to teach a dance! That could really help bring students out of their shells.
  • A session all about manipulatives, which also included some creative ways that you can get by without having to shell out big bucks on the fancy stuff. This was very
    motivational for me since I'm building my personal TPT collection right now...
  • A fantastic elementary choral reading session! Some pieces were new to me while others were old favorites. In both cases it was great to sing under an experienced Kodaly teacher and make music with many fantastic educators all around me.

    (Please take note of the top piece of music right here... I don't think I would use this one in my school- LOL. But still a fun tune to sing nonetheless.)

    I came away from the session feeling so refreshed and excited to try out many of these ideas in my class as soon as possible!

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