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Monday, November 9, 2015

Turkey in the Barnyard - Singing game and FREEBIE

Today  I wanted to share one of my new favorite songs for Thanksgiving: Turkey in the Barnyard! It's a piggyback song to the tune of Charlie Over the Water. I love that it's mostly a So-Mi song, but the end is on Do so it's a great song to prepare or present that note.

I had my students read the lyrics first, and then I wanted to see if they could memorize the lyrics, so I used one of my favorite SmartNotebook features: the shade! 

If you've never used it before, it is SO helpful in helping students to focus. You can drag it across the screen so that only a portion of the slide is visible. 

Each time they sang the song I covered up another line of the lyrics until eventually they were singing it completely from memory. 

I also put the pitches on a simple two-line staff so that next time my students can read it that way and see Do on a ledger line.

I also play the same game as Charlie Over the Water: children are seated in a circle and one person gets to be "it." While we are singing, the person who is it walks around the outside of the circle. On the last line of the song, he or she taps someone and they have a "duck-duck-goose style" chase. 

Kids love playing the game and they also love the visuals I created for it on the Smart Board.

Here's a link to download the SmartNotebook:



  1. I tried to download the Smart file, but it said it was an app for Google documents. Is there any way I can get a SMART file that is not a part of Google docs?

    I really like your idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sure thing, Gloria. If you send me an email, rdtanenblatt (at) I'll send you the file directly.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    This looks like a great resource that I would like to try with my students. However, I do not have a SMARTboard. Is this still a file I can download and use without that?
    Thank you!