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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Songs Thanks to Noteflight

In the past few weeks, I've finally overcome my aversion to music notation software. I finally found a program that I consider user-friendly and suitable to my needs: Noteflight! I needed to write up some arrangements for a choir that I'm leading at my temple, and I found that out of all the software I've tried since college, Noteflight has been the one that makes the most sense to me. So... hooray!

I put together two new songs on Teachers Pay Teachers, and Noteflight was a huge help! I think that the newer products in my budding TPT store are starting to look more polished and put-together. I hope you agree!

One of the new songs is a last-minute addition to my Halloween repertoire: Pass The Witch's Broomstick. When I did this song with my first graders, we used a rhythm stick instead of a broomstick to pass around the circle. I'm thinking of buying some kind of small-scale broom to use, but their imaginations seem to be doing fine for now.

I also started adding Thanksgiving products to my store. This Turkey Turkey Gobbler song was a huge hit with my students last November and I can't wait to bring it back. My favorite memory of the game was when my principal dropped in right in the middle and saw a student hiding behind the piano. The look on his face (before he realized what we were doing) was priceless! 

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