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Monday, January 5, 2015

Testing out our dry erase boards!

Well, we made it through our first day back! While much of my day was spent on review (reviewing class procedures, reviewing treble clef notes, reviewing rhythms), I was able to crack open my box of new dry erase boards and use them with my fifth graders today. We were learning about steps, skips, and repeats.

I know they're not exactly Earth-shattering technology, but it was the first time I've ever used the lined boards with a class and the students were all engaged and enthusiastic about it.
We did a little activity using the boards where I would tell them what note to start on and then give directions such as "draw a note one step up. Next skip down to the bottom line" etc. Then at the end I would check and see who was able to follow all of the directions and give them a Bamboo Buck (the school's PBIS reward system).
I also wanted to share this infographic that I saw floating around Facebook a few days ago: 


These were all great reminders to have fresh in mind after coming back from a long break. One important reminder for me was that it's sabotage not to provide students with written instructions. I know that is one thing I forget sometimes! So I made sure to write my directions on the board. I'm sure that contributed to the success of this activity.

I'm developing a new game called "Step Right Up!" that will be another way to review steps, skips, and repeats with a cute, glittery game show theme. I uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers over the break and another seller was kind enough to privately point out to me that it had a GLARING TYPO on it. Whoops! So until I get a chance to go back and double-check the whole file, it's not available yet. Should be within a day or two!

Speaking of TpT... don't forget about the HUGE giveaway that just started. Scroll down to the previous post to sign up! 5 days left!

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