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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stick to Staff Solfege Activities

I have been working on solfege with my students for a few weeks and now I am starting to transition them from reading stick notation to the treble staff. Last week we played this awesome game using stick notation by Aileen Miracle, and today I started using some things I created.

Stick to Staff Writing Activity

I created some flashcards with solfege on them and had students transfer it onto large laminated staff paper. The thing I am most excited about is the fact that I differentiated the examples and used colored star stickers to organize them by difficulty. Now I can see exactly what level each student is at and can facilitate learning of all different levels within a single class.

Click here for a free download of my Stick Flashcards. I pasted them onto index cards and laminated them to last longer.

Catch That Turkey

My next step is to play this stick to staff review game that I created for Smart Notebook. I got very into the thanksgiving theme and when you click on the different turkeys, the correct answer will actually GOBBLE. Sound effects make everything more fun!

You can purchase this turkey game from my TPT store.

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